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What you need to know about Dyna-Q Fitness training equipment

Dyna-Q offers a unique form of dynamic strength training. Dynamic strength training is the new standard in progressive strength training. This form of training steers the body posture of the user during the execution of the exercises. It does so in  such a way that the user always finds himself in the ideal biomechanical starting position. In practice that means that at all times during the exercise an ideal line of strength is called upon between the movement of the body and point of application of the equipment. From the point of view of sports specific strength training and from the point of view of prevention of injuries Dyna-Q is by far the best choice.

The design of the training equipment is based on the latest insights of biomechanics. In all our training equipment the tilt movement known from the mechanical engineering as the ‘four link system’ has been incorporated. This system offers possibilities for a dynamic strength training which is impossible with standard training equipment.

The designers of Dyna-Q training equipment have drawn up the following minimal demands for all their biomechanical machines:

1Biomechanically and ergonomically the machines should be unique;

2Quality wise all machines and all moving parts are to be extremely strong so that durability is guaranteed;

3) Prices should be so competitive that purchase is a direct advantage for the entrepreneur;


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In Memoriam


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